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2024 Something's bugging me


The exhibition "Something’s bugging me" unveils two series by the multidisciplinary artist Yarden Sasson: "Oil on Velvet”, featuring monochromatic oil paintings on velvet canvas using a unique brush patting technique, and "If You Eat from the Pot, It Will Rain on Your Wedding," showcasing black and white photographs printed on curtains. These series delve into the depths of physical and emotional vulnerability, confronting the mechanisms that affect individuals' well-being. Despite their portrayal of weakness, these large artworks exhibit profound strength and artistic courage.


"Something’s bugging me" invites viewers on a journey through the body and soul. With each image, Sasson guides us through the landscape of the soul, allowing close, natural-sized contact with images of anxiety aiming to capture the beauty and strength of its defining moments.

2022 Because in every bimbo there is a small shikun (slum) hidden

Through my artwork, I endeavor to articulate an internal dialogue concerning identity. This dialogue navigates through the realms of labels and societal pressures, scrutinizing the facets of identity encompassing ethnicity, gender, and the environment of my upbringing. I explore these themes through photography, capturing intimate moments with family members, delving into the intricacies of their daily lives.

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