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Yarden Sasson (f. 1994) is a versatile artist whose creative endeavors span across photography, painting, printmaking, and installations. Having obtained a BFA degree from the Multidisciplinary School of Art in Shankar, Sasson's artistic journey is deeply rooted in exploring themes of identity and belonging within her upbringing and current environment.


Her body of work dives into these themes with a profound sense of introspection and fearlessness. Through a combination of imagery capturing familial dynamics, domestic elements (such as curtains, carpets, dishes, and furniture), as well as introspective self-portraits and intimate portrayals of family members, Sasson crafts a narrative that is both revealing and courageous.


Moreover, the scale of her creations adds an additional layer of exposure and vulnerability, yet paradoxically, they exude a commanding and authentic presence. Through her art, Sasson invites viewers to contemplate the intricate complexities of personal identity and the notion of home.

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